Please note: "invoice" is synonymous with "superbill." 

Step 1: Ensure your account settings are configured correctly.

  • Navigate to the middle bucket within the General Account Settings tab (found in the "Settings" dropdown) entitled "Invoice Contact Details" and then click the Edit button.

  • Ensure all of your practice details have been entered correctly and then click Save Changes

  • Return to the General Account Settings tab and click on the Edit button for the left bucket entitled "Practice Settings."

  • Within the Invoices tab on the left-hand side, ensure that the correct boxes are checked off in regards to which addresses will be displayed on your invoices (billing address and/or facility address) and then click  Save Changes

Step 2: Ensure the necessary client details are correctly input into their client profile and that the correct service codes/charges have been assigned to their sessions.

  • Navigate to the desired client's Client Overview tab within their profile and enter all pertinent details to be listed on the invoice (i.e., legal name and date of birth).

  • If you are creating the invoice/superbill for insurance purposes, you will need to make sure a diagnosis code has been input for the client (instructions can be found here: How to Add Diagnosis Codes).

  • You can quickly check that the correct CPT codes and service charges were assigned for the client's sessions by navigating to the Billing tab. 

    • If you need to make any changes to the service code for a particular session, simply click on the underlined CPT code within that session's row, select the correct code from the dropdown list, and press the blue checkmark button. 

    • If you need to make any changes to the charge for a particular service, click on the underlined charge within that session's row, enter the corrected amount, and press the blue checkmark button.

Step 3: Create the invoice!

  • While you are in the desired client's profile, click on the Create Invoice icon on the right-hand side of the menu bar. 

  • Select the desired parameters for the invoice you'd like to generate from the dropdowns. 

    • Date Range -- select the date range for the appointments you'd like to have listed on the invoice (you can choose from the list of standard ranges or create a custom range). 

    • Select Client -- the client will default to whomever's profile you are currently in.

    • Select Clinician -- the clinician will default to the "Primary Professional" indicated within the client's profile. 

  • Check the appropriate boxes for the information you'd like the invoice to reflect.

    • Make this a receipt without Diagnosis Code(s) -- this will generate a receipt for the client that does not list any diagnosis codes. Please note: this is likely not sufficient for the purposes of insurance submission.

    • Include Billing Address -- if this was checked off in the Account Settings, then it will default to being checked for every generated invoice.

    • Include Facility Address -- if this was checked off in the Account Settings, then it will default to being checked for every generated invoice.

    • Include Additional Clients

    • Client Can Access -- this will auto-save a copy of the generated invoice to the client's portal in which they can view or download it at any time.

    • Include Signature -- this will add the signature saved within your Professional Settings to the invoice.

    • Paid in Full -- this button will automatically be checked off if the client has a zero balance for the appointments within the selected timeframe.

  • Once you click Generate Invoice, the invoice will automatically download to your browser.