STEP 1: Open the "Create New Session" pop-up.

  • You can either go to the Calendar tab in the navigation bar and click on the desired date/start time for the appointment

- OR -

  • Simply click on the New Session icon within the menu bar in the top right-hand corner

STEP 2: Enter the appropriate details into the required fields. 

The required fields include:

Professional -- 

  • If you have clinician access, this will default to your name.
  • Room --
    • Select the accurate room for the scheduled session (these are configured at the Account Settings     level).
    • Pay special attention to whether this is an in-person session or if it's being conducted virtually. 
  • Client -- 
    • You can choose to scroll through the list of the selected professional's clients or simply type the client's first or last name into the search bar.

Service(s) -- 

  • Select the CPT/service code from the dropdown list (these are configured at the Account Settings level). 
  • You can press the + Add Additional Service button to include multiple services within the same appointment

Service price -- 

  • Enter the amount that should be charged for the service code selected.

Day/Time -- 

  • Select the desired date/time for the appointment using the calendar and digital clock tools. 

Length (min) -- 

  • Enter the duration of the appointment to be scheduled in minutes.

Setting Up an Appointment Recurrence (Optional): 

  • Recurrence Schedule-- 

    • You can select one of our default recurrences in the dropdown or you can create your own custom recurrence by selecting "Custom recurrence" and completing the additional fields. 

  • End Date-- 

    • You can choose to have the recurrence set to "Never Ends" or you can enter a specific end date by choosing "Ends on" in the dropdown. 

STEP 3: Finish adding the appointment!

  • Simply press the Add Appointment button to have this appointment added to the calendar.
  • You can make changes to this appointment at any time by navigating to the specific entry within the Calendar tab.