The following guide will provide a walkthrough for configuring all of the settings within the GENERAL Account Settings tab.

  • Upload your practice logo

  • Select appropriate Practice Settings

  • Enter Invoice Details

STEP 1: Navigate to the ACCOUNT SETTINGS section. 

  • Click on the Settings dropdown within the menu bar and select “Account Settings” 

STEP 2: Add your practice logo! 

This will be seen by your staff upon logging into My Best Practice as well as on various documents exported from your account. 

STEP 3: Select the appropriate Practice Settings for your account.

  • Click on the “Edit” button on the “Practice Settings” bucket within the General tab.

  • Complete the DEFAULT tab fields

    • Time Zone → This will be the default time zone for all staff members’ calendars.

    • Enable Appt Reminders/Days Before

      • Check this button if you’d like your clients to be able to opt into appointment reminders via text. 

        • Note: each client will need to activate appointment reminders for themselves within their portals. 

      • Enter the number of days prior to the scheduled appointment that you’d like for your clients to receive the text reminders.

        • Example Text Reminder: 

Your appointment is at 2:57 PM on Saturday, June 4, 2022. Please add it to your calendar.


Tel: 555-555-5555

  • Enable Autopay (notification emails)

    • Check this button if you’d like staff members to receive a confirmation email of all auto-pay transactions due to be charged each evening.

    • In the text field, include the email address of the user who should receive the transaction list for ALL auto-payments due to be charged each evening. 

      • Note: If you’d like users to receive only their list of auto-pay transactions, you can configure this elsewhere within their staff profiles. 

  • Client Portal Banner Message

    • If you would like for all clients to receive a default message upon logging into their client portals, enter the message here.

      • Here is an example of how it will appear within the client’s portal. 

  • Session Timeout (minutes)

    • For security purposes, enter the desired duration of inactivity (in minutes) before your staff is automatically logged out of the system. 

  • Adjust settings within the Invoices tab

    • Invoice Display Billing Address (Default)

      • Leave this button checked if you would like for your clients’ superbills/invoices to reflect the billing address of your practice. 

    • Invoice Display Facility Address (Default)

      • Leave this button checked if you would like for your clients’ superbills/invoices to reflect the specific facility address selected during the appointment creation. 

  • Adjust settings within the Clinical tab

    • Select the appropriate options from the various dropdowns 

      • Note: these will be the default settings for all clinicians’ notes, but they can select an alternative for each specific client note. 

  • Create custom client information fields within the Custom Fields tab.

    • You can customize up to 6 additional fields to be added to your clients’ profiles. 

  • Enable Groups & Cohorts within the Advanced tab

    • Check the boxes to enable groups and cohorts for your practice. 

  • Click on the SAVE CHANGES button

STEP 4: Enter the Invoice Details to be listed on your superbills/invoices. 

  • Navigate back to the “Account Settings” section and click on the “Edit” button on the “Invoice Settings” bucket within the General tab.

  • Fill out all pertinent fields as you’d like them to be listed on your clients’ superbills/invoices. 

  • Practice Name → This is the name your clients will see when receiving portal invitations and messages and it is the name that will be listed on your session note export.

  • Invoice Name →  This field is used to add a custom title header to the top of your superbills/invoices. 

  • Phone Number, Fax Number, Email Address, and Address → These fields all pertain to your practice’s billing address and main contact information.

    • Note: additional facility addresses can be added within the “Facilities & Rooms” tab of the account settings section. 

  • Practice NPI →  This is also referred to as your NPI-2.

    • Note: individual clinicians’ NPI-1’s can be added in the Staff & Users tab. 

  • Practice EIN/Tax ID → This field is to enter your practice’s “Employer Identification Number” (also referred to as your Tax ID).

  • Bottom of Invoice Paragraph → This  field is used to add any custom text to the bottom of your superbills/invoices. 

  • Example Superbill/Invoice: