To add parents/guardians or other contacts to a client's profile, you can do so immediately after creating the client by pressing the +Add More Client Details button on the confirmation pop-up page. 

If you are entering the contact information later once the client has already been created, you will first want to navigate to the specific client's profile by either searching for them in the search bar at the top or navigating to the Clients tab. 


STEP 1: 

Navigate to the “Contact Info” tab on the left-hand side 

Click the + Add Contact button

STEP 2: 

Enter the pertinent contact information for the desired contact. 

  • This is a great place to put small notes such as: 

    • information about the family dynamics (e.g., “XYZ has full custody”; “XYZ does not participate in treatment”)

    • to indicate whether the client has signed an ROI for other collateral contacts (e.g.. “ROI for psychiatrist signed MM/YYYY”)

STEP 3: 

Navigate to the “Client Portal” tab on the left-hand side 

Click the +Add New Contact button

Enter details and check the appropriate boxes based on the level of access the contact should have to the information stored in the portal

  • e.g.,: only a specific parent should have access to the invoices/billing information

Click the  Submit  button. 

The contact will then receive an email to the address entered inviting them to enroll in the client portal (example below).